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Offline and online approaches to quality perception of Slovak university hospitals

Robert Stefko1, Frantisek Pollak1, Beata Gavurova2
1. University of Presov (Slovak Republic)
2. Technical University of Kosice (Slovak Republic)
107 - 115
Cite as:
Stefko, R., Pollak, F., & Gavurova, B. (2018). Offline and Online Approaches to Quality Perception of Slovak University Hospitals. Marketing and Management of Innovations, 4, 107-115. http://doi.org/10.21272/mmi.2018.4-10


The aim of this paper is to present selected offline and online approaches to the issue of customers quality perception, more specifically the methods of its measurements across the markets, both offline and online in the field of health care providers operating in the Central European market. With the utilization of methodology of simplified online reputation analysis aimed specific environment of healthcare providers, represented by the whole file of relevant subjects, all the Slovak university hospitals, significant relationships between factors were examined in order to identify and describe facts affecting online reputation of those entities in the hyper-competitive market environment of the Internet. We consider it necessary to examine the correlation between the determinants of perceived quality. Partial scores of entities from individual rankings were statistically tested in order to determine whether on the chosen significance level there is a statistically significant correlation between scores of entities achieved with various determinants and score achieved through a simplified version of advanced sentiment analysis. Last but not least variables such as the score achieved through the simplified version of advanced sentiment analysis and the absolute number of pages indexed by Google containing a generally used the name of an entity as the keyword were statistically tested. The findings identified by the analysis of the online environment were compared to up to date traditional ratings from the traditional offline world. In conclusion of the presented paper, the results of analysis providing a comprehensive view of the issue of selected approaches to quality perception in the widest and most actual possible range of perspectives. The presented methodology also represents a comprehensive tool for analyzing a quality perception for a wide range of subjects trying to maximize their market advantages, often by using enormous marketing effort, against their competitors. 

quality, healthcare, hospital, customer, competition, marketing, Slovak.

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