Packaging in the process of innovative activities as a part of goods distribution management

О.А. Bilovodska, J. Klisinski, М.А. Molybog
31 - 42
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The current commodity market characterizes by high competition. Each commodity tends to attract the attention of consumers and its product. Competition is forcing manufacturers to develop innovative, environmentally friendly packaging, able to represent the product in the market. Innovative activity is one of the main elements of most modern businesses, since innovation can be the driving force behind the progressive changes that need to be managed with the help of marketing strategic management.

One of the marketing concepts, packaging isolated as the fifth component of the marketing mix, so it is an important element as a commodity, and the whole enterprise, especially innovative activity. It is very important in the design of a new product determined with packaging that will distinguish it from the other, attract the attention of consumers, providing a more effective commercialization of innovation and creating an optimal system of distribution.

The aim of this article. The purposes of this work are to analyze the nature, functions and requirements for packaging, to make the appropriate systematization of these approaches, to identify the role of packaging in the process of innovative activities and distribution of goods. Also the authors offer own methodological tools of packaging that integrates the work of manufacturers (designers, graphic designers) and marketers.

The results of the analysis. Packaging is the final process of creating a competitive product in the distribution system and effective tool to influence consumers.

The authors analyzed the basic concept of «packaging» and highlighted approaches to its treatment, namely: 1) in terms of logistics and merchandise; 2) marketing; 3) communication with the consumer. There have been systematized and the basic functions of packaging in terms of logistics and marketing functions mapped and packaging requirements (reliability, environmental friendliness, safety, compatibility, interchangeability, aesthetics, economic efficiency). The role of packaging in the process of innovation management and distribution of goods is identified.

Main stages of work on developing packaging are proposed and disclosed in detail:

1)     familiarize with the activities of the manufacturer of the goods;

2)     familiarization with the product for packaging will be developed;

3)     study the major trends in the packaging of the product;

4)     analysis of competitors;

5)     analysis standard packaging products;

6)     study of consumer preferences on the outside of packaging products;

7)     the development and delivery of technical specifications;

8)     financial and economic evaluation of packaging;

9)     the development of the goods packaging;

10)  production test batch of packages;

11)  assessment of packaging products;

12)  identify possible ways to improve packaging and amendments to its production;

13)  production of packaging.

The developed approach, in our opinion, is more appropriate for use in the real world because the work allows for marketers, designers and constructors, which increases the efficiency of packaging product creation.

Use advanced form of the specification, which is more convenient due to the consolidation of divisions and detail of the information necessary for marketers. The authors determine that the terms of reference must contain the following major sections: objective development package; detailed information about the product, which may influence the choice of material for packaging; basic requirements for packaging; marking packages; to-market strategy; other requirements and suggestions.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. Thus, the packaging of goods increasingly influences consumers, so marketers should influence the process of creating the package. Packaging is the final process of creating a competitive product in the distribution system and effective tool to influence consumers. Further research appropriate conduct in line with the practical application of the proposed approach.

packaging development, packaging, innovative activity, product, logіstic, distribution management

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