Only after the positive decisions of the paper's acceptance to publish the authors will receive the payment agreement. The fee accepts only on the account of the university which indicated in the payment agreement. The cost of services of scientific editing of article is an equivalent of 4500 UAH according to the official exchange Rates by NBU. The costs of publishing and shipping author copy  should be paid by the authors additionally (it depends on the author's country). 


Articles in English on a high professional level have the priority during the review and publication. 

One author can publish (either alone or in collaboration) no more than 2 articles per year, usually through an issue.
By submitting material for publication, the authors automatically agree with the assignment of copyright form.


All papers submitted for publication will be reviewed in several stages:
  • materials are checked for compliance with the journal subject and to requirements
  • articles are checked for availability of plagiarism
  • after formal verification materials are sent to a reviewer. Our journal has the 'double-blind' system. This means the author and the referee do not know each other
  • according to refereeing the reviewer can give the recommendation to publish an article, sent for revision (with the repeated review or without it), refuse publication due to significant deficiencies materials (with the right to re-submit or without it)
  • after confirming that the article is accepted for publication, the author is informed payment publication details

Attention! Payment is made only after confirmation of acceptance of an article to be published.


Schedule of numbers:

  • №1 - March;
  • №2 - June;
  • №3 - September;
  • №4 - December.


Materials for publication can be sent via e-mail to: