Specifics of price marketing controlling and pricing of products with small and medium-sized family enterprises

L. Říhová, Czech Republic)], K. Havlíček1,2
1. Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Czech Republic
2. University of Finance and Administration (Prague, Czech Republic)
Innovations in Marketing
98 - 108


It is estimated that family enterprises participate in the entire global business by 80% share, while in the Czech Republic, family enterprises participate only by 20 to 30% in the gross domestic product, with the reason being the disruption of tradition of family businesses as a result of centrally planned economy. In case of small and medium family business the price is given exogenously, specifically by the situation on the market. Was found that the selection of the price calculation method is one of the critical controlling decisions. Thus, it can be said that consistent controlling management of small and medium-sized family businesses result in their increased competitiveness, it timely eliminates external risks, improves their stability and extends the life cycle and has a positive effects on the overall economic climate.

management, controlling, calculation, small and medium enterprises, family enterprise, marketing, costs, competitiveness

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