Innovative approaches in marketing studies of industrial and technology production

A.S. Teletov1, I.I. Nagornyi1, M.O. Nikonets1
1. Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine)
Innovations in Marketing
57 - 66


The aim of the article. The production for industrial purposes is one of the structural economics elements, that is important in ensuring its economic security, political independence and increasing prosperity of the population. It is necessary to conduct marketing research, which today in many industrial enterprises are carried out irregularly, haphazardly, and sometimes not held at all.

The results of the analysis. In a market environment, the industry covered by the category of b-to-b marketing and marketing production and technical products is this: the system of measures on creation of technical products, which are used for the formulation, production of different products. The complex marketing research of the industrial enterprise includes: the formulation of research objectives according to the existing problems, the rationale for the selection of the method of obtaining data, analysis of the characteristics of collecting information for the production of technical products, processing of results and elaboration of controls influences. A set of studies concerns the development and production of products, studying the behaviour of consumers, intermediaries, suppliers of raw materials and other contractors of the industrial enterprise.

The combination of innovative management decisions by results of the conducted comprehensive marketing research include: improving the technical level of products and improving the quality of labor in their creation, change of prices for products, services for maintenance and repair, replacement parts; use of dealer networks and sales through the Internet; improve the incentive system of suppliers, change of structure of import and import substitution. Implement the necessary communication activities have to give up a passive adaptation to market conditions and go to the policy effect on the market for the active formation of demand for manufactured products via the reaction of the respondents from personal experience and feedback about the product participation in specialized exhibitions and fairs Internet advertising print advertising, public relations as direct marketing more.

The analysis of the marketing micro and macro environment and competitiveness assessment, one of the basic types of products to ensure the success of the manufacturer in the market of industrial goods, for example, concern "Nicmas".

Conclusionse and directions of further researches. Further research is desirable to dedicate the expansion of methodological support for evaluation of the significance of marketing research results, developing sound recommendations for their use and adoption of effective managerial decisions.

marketing researches, industrial marketing, b-to-b marketing, B2B marketing, engineering, industrial and technical production, marketing innovations, marketing of innovations

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