Marketing tools ensuring quality of service in the banking market

I.L. Reshetnikova1, E.P. Shapovalova1
1. Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Innovations in Marketing
47 - 56


The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to clarify how economic and political crisis of recent years has affected the behavior of Ukrainian consumers of banking services which exist in society benefits due to specific selection criteria banks and form recommendations for using of marketing tools to enhance the trust of consumers and improve their service banks.

The results of the analysis. Analysis of the first results of the reform of the banking system has proved that despite the proactive actions of National Bank of Ukraine, the customer’s confidence is on the low level. This is primarily linking to the high levels of panic during population, poverty, entrusting to government, failure in obligations to depositors, instability rate of national currency and lower interest rates on deposits. For understanding the choice factors specific that made by certain bank consumers,  the information from official sources and research results of Marketing & MediaIndexUkraine, which was obtained by regular surveys of the population of Ukraine aged 12 to 65 living in cities with population of 50 thousand people or more has been using. The sample covered near 5,000 respondents from 51 cities in all regions of Ukraine except Crimea and the territories temporarily beyond the control of Ukraine. This survey took place every quarter, on the permanent the residence of respondents using Face-to-Face method.

The analysis of respondents' answers proved that they increasingly rely on reputation factors when they are choosing a bank. One-time promotion actions are moving background.  Consumers appreciate the branching system of departments and ATMs, that demonstrates that they prefer to use a contact service. The value the quality and service are really important for them despite that among the trends of recent years is reducing the numbers of bank branches and personnel costs through the optimization of banks. However, the increasing of Internet marketing, mobile marketing and other means of multi-channel communication has been using. With these trends in consumer behavior, the role of marketing tools affect, that influence on the quality of services and the process of its providing. The paper proposed a complex set of marketing-mix to ensure a high level of service quality components.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. The study allowed making a conclusion that in today's conditions of banking market functioning acute problem of confidence (trust) to the bank institutions. And an active process of constant reorganization and liquidation of banks that was held by the National Bank of Ukraine discourages customers. At the same time, the role of marketing tools in establishing relationships with them remains limited, although most interested in using marketing are the private banks now because their reputation has suffered the most and they are the most experienced outflow of deposits, and interested in returning their trust and funds. The analysis of respondents' answers demonstrated that the price factor, that means the attractiveness of interest on loans and deposits, is not decisive. When choosing a bank, customers take into account the reputation, also consumers appreciate the branching system of departments and ATMs. The importance of service quality and service is value for them. The role of marketing tools and mobile marketing is increasing. Under these conditions, the role of marketing tools that affect the formation of a high level of customer’s quality service index is also rising. The conclusions will form the basis for further research on the formalization marketing tools for banks and finding the best set of options to achieve specific indicator of the component quality. The tools detailization on the example of a particular banking institution is considered to be interesting. 

banking institution, service, consumer, bank choice factors, quality of service, marketing tools

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