Methodical bases of assessment of competition in the sales policy of innovation-active industrial enterprises in Ukraine

O.M. Olefirenko1, O.G. Shevliuga1
1. Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine)
Marketing of Innovations
26 - 35


Competition is one of the fundamental factors stimulating the development of industrial relations and economy of the country in general as well as its individual regions. In the conditions of market economy competition is the main driving force for improvement of production and financial processes at the enterprise. Strengthening of the entity's own competitive position in the market allows it to receive a high income and expand sales markets.

The aim of this article. The purpose of this work is the substantiation of scientific and methodological bases of assessment competition in the sales policy of innovation-active industrial enterprises in Ukraine.

The results of the analysis. The scientific and methodical approach to spectral analysis of competition between the distribution channels of machine-building innovation-active enterprises is proposed in the article. The general quantitative and qualitative assessment of competition between the distribution channels by integral indicator is provided.

Spectral analysis of competition is used for decomposition of complex time series with cyclical (seasonal) components for several key functions. Within the analysis of competition between distribution channels feasibility of using this instruments is caused by necessity for degradation of integrated assessment components associated with different areas of marketing policy, as well as the need to determine the share of each of these directions in the structure of the effective rate for each year individually and in dynamics during the analyzed period of time. Thus, spectral analysis of competition between the distribution channels of innovation-active engineering enterprises is a multi-stage procedure, which provides the following logic of calculations.

Firstly, it is necessary to construct an integral indicator of competition between the distribution channels of innovation-active engineering enterprises. The feasibility of constructing integral indicator caused by the fact that competition between distribution channels serves category, characterized by several coefficients. The features of variations and dynamic changes of these parameters must be considered simultaneously on the basis of a generalizing value. This stage is proposed to implement based on the Harrington model and geometric mean value.

The information base of formalization a comprehensive indicator includes nine indicators generalized in three groups: indicators of distribution funding of innovative products; indicators of market of innovative products; indicators of pricing policy of innovative products’ selling. Presented set of parameters allows quite completely describe different aspects of sales policies, namely the level of financial resources spent on carrying out marketing activities, the current situation of the market volume and pricing policy pursued by the enterprise in the market. At the stage of the modeling the qualitative interpretation of competition between the distribution channels of innovation-active engineering enterprises is carried out.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. Thus, the proposed scientific and methodical approach to spectral analysis of competition between the distribution channels of engineering innovation-active enterprises allows management of business entities to explore their own position in the market in terms of efficiency of sales policy, to assess the strengths and weaknesses, to identify potential opportunities for growth, and to create strategic plans of intensifying specific instruments of loyalty pricing, volume and directions of sales activities financing. Further research it is appropriate to conduct in the mainstream of definition of expanding markets priorities for innovative products. 

innovations, innovation active enterprises, sales policy, competition, distribution channels, spectral analysis

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