Investigating the factors affecting the disclosure of intellectual capital in companies listed on the Tehran stock exchange

A. Gilani1, M. Geraily Safari2
1. Islamic Azad University (Gorgan, Iran)
2. Islamic Azad University (Bandargaz, Iran)
280 - 288
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The aim of the article.  This research studies the effective factor of disclosing intellectual capital of firms listed in Tehran Stock Exchange.

The results of the analysis. Intellectual capital is one of the most valuable assets of the organization. Despite numerous studies on intellectual capital and its effects in various aspects, the disclosure of intellectual capital is the missing ring in the areas of accounting studies. This research tries, through fill this gap, providing paving the way for the creation and expansion of this valuable asset. This research studies the effective factor of disclosing intellectual capital of firms listed in Tehran Stock Exchange. In order to measure intellectual capital disclosure, Li [9] intellectual capital disclosure checklist was used. In order to test research hypotheses, a sample including 96 firms during years 2009-2013 was selected as statistical sample of research and research hypotheses were tested by using multivariate regression model based on the pooled data method. Findings indicated that there is a positive significant relationship between size of firm, profitability and leverage with intellectual capital disclosure level. However, there was no significant relationship between size of auditing firm and intellectual capital disclosure. The findings of surveys conducted research, filling gaps in this area, it can be helpful for managers, investors, policy makers Stock Exchange, and other users of accounting information in order to make better decisions.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. This research aims at investigating the relationship between size of firm, profitability, leverage and size of auditing firm with intellectual capital disclosure. In order to reach this objective, sample consisted of 96 firms listed in Terhan Stock Exchange during 2009-2013 was considered.

The relationship between size of auditing firm and intellectual capital disclosure was tested. Results of hypothesis testning indicated lack of significant relationship between size of auditig firm and intellectual capital disclosure. Therefore, we can claim that size of auditing firm has no significnat effect on the intellectual capital disclosure. This is while based on the theoretical framework and previous research, it is expected that recruiting large auditing firm increase disclosure of firm due to their reputation and insurance role and effective monitoring on the behavior of manager. But results of this research did not confirm this relationship. One reason that can justify this inconsistency is using different measures for measuring size of auditing firm in different research. In addition, public nature of auditing organization is a barrier in studying the size of auditing firm size and auditing quality.

Based on the findings this study, to investors and capital market participants recommended During making investment decisions with financial variables, variables such as size, profitability, financial Vahrm also attended And they consider themselves as factors affecting the Company's intellectual capital disclosure in their decision-making models. In addition, to stock exchange organization is suggested, as a supervisory institution, With the creation instructions, provided the items necessary to apply some incentive policy to disclose more information about the Company's intellectual capital. The researchers believe that each of the cases mentioned below can be considered in future research to suggest a topic for research:

1.A similar study, but through differentiation in the exchange industry, in order to control the impact of the industry.

2.The effect of ownership structure on firm disclosure of intellectual capital.

3.The effect of audit quality on disclosure of firm intellectual capital.

4.The effect of intellectual capital disclosures on liquidity stocks.

intellectual capital disclosure, size of firm, profitability, leverage, auditing firm size

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