Modern Internet platforms in the field of logistic services in the Republic of Poland and Ukraine

O.V. Prokopenko, V.V. Bozhkova, Ya.S. Romanyuk
54 - 65
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The aim of the article is to study the new tendencies in logistics, to analyze the working activity of modern logistic companies, and to determine the role of Internet platforms in the conditions of new logistic system.

The results of the analysis. Due to widening e-commerce the modern logistics is undergoing serious changes. Both from the side of state and entrepreneurs the interest to the logistics has rapidly increased. The amount of courier companies, special logistics departments, and organizations with serious transportation base is growing. Besides, demand growth for specially trained staff including not only warehouse workers or expeditors but also qualified managers and organizers is being observed. Such a fast modernization process in the transportation service branch obliges to implement new technological and information base. Thus, almost all transportation services are renewing their internal recourses: warehouse equipment, computer software, and the technical equipment for the vehicles. To such modernized logistic companies the worldwide known DHL can be included. Today it is one of the leading enterprises in the logistics sphere. The most popular Ukrainian logistic company is Novaya Pochta. Its working standards absolutely comply with the modern logistic working standards.

Logistics is an integral part of working activity of Internet platforms. Undoubtedly, the internet trade, which has put roots in the commercial market, is considered to be the base for e-commerce. The prosperity of online trade is explained by many factors, first of all, by convenience of acquiring the goods online along with saving of money and time, very often by a wider choice of products than in usual shops, and by transportation indirectly to home, which is often not paid by a consumer at all. Every online seller strives to provide not only free but also quick delivery, that’s why, as a rule, cooperates with the best logistic services.    The results of working activity of famous Chinese Internet shop Aliexpress are amazing, sales volume of which increases every year due to low prices, good quality, and fast delivery.

For last several years the online trade has extended noticeably in the Republic of Poland and Ukraine. In comparison with other branches of economics this branch achieved the highest growth rate. The e-commerce in these countries has already overcome the phase of coming-into-being and has entered the phase of development. Almost everyone in Ukraine knows the Internet auction Aukro, on which people can put their products. Aukro is the part of the Polish Internet group Allegro. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians cannot be proud of such a high sales volume as Poland, but nevertheless from year to year Ukraine is closer to such results.

Conclusions. In consequence of analysis of new tendencies and work system in the modern logistics, and the functions of e-commerce in it one can make the following conclusions: people’s interest increases to e-commerce as acquiring the product in the Internet a person can save money and time, due to fast information exchange and perfecting logistics software the transporting system is developing rapidly. Thus, today Internet commerce is an integral part of economics of any state, and Ukraine is not the exception.

logistics, e-logistics, Internet platform, e-commerce, product delivery, online purchase

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