The role of innovations in the accretion to the value of Ukrainian enterprises

O.O. Zakharkin
90 - 101
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The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to research the rates of contemporary state of innovation activity of Ukrainian enterprises and mathematical modeling of value indexes’ subordination to the evolution of the innovation activity of the enterprises together with revealing the interconnection level among mentioned indices.

The results of the analysis. In this article indices of innovation activity of domestic enterprises (total sum of expenses, spent to the innovations, specific gravity of the enterprises, which implement the innovations) are researched, and trends as to their changes, the majority of which are negative, are revealed. The branch-wise analysis of the innovation expenses volume is held, that showed that the leading role in the ensuring of innovation development of Ukrainian economy belongs to the engineering, chemical and provision enterprises.

Analysis of evolution of expenses, spent for the research and development, being one of the main science intensive and at the same time leading part of the innovation expenses, led to the conclusion about the absence of the single trend as to their changes during 2000-2013.

It was held the analysis of innovation structure according to the subject contents, the results of which show that during the whole analyzed period quantity of food innovations, implemented by the native entities, exceeded the corresponding indicator in the technological innovations.

It was empirically substantiated (using the regression-correlation analysis) the influence of innovations on the cost of enterprise, for the denomination of which within the bounds of the research it were used the indices of extra cost, GDP, own fund of the enterprise. Taking into account the long period of time between the spending innovation expenses and getting the results from implementation of innovations in remuneration for target financial characteristics, the 4-year time log was foreseen between the correspondent changes of researched indices.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. The analysis of the native enterprises led to the following conclusions: quantity of enterprises that implement innovations in Ukraine is very low, in the evolution of innovation expenses in 2000-2013 the single trend is not seen, though their reduction during the last years is negative, the part of GDP spent on innovations is low.

Regressive analysis of the dependence of the gross profit and the gross extra cost from the evolution of the enterprise innovation activity showed the existence of the strong direct connection between the mentioned indices, which proved the existence of indirect influence of the innovations for the enterprise cost.

The results of the held mathematical formalization of the dependence of the own fund of enterprise as the index that show its cost from the change of such indices as the value of innovation expenses and the volume of innovation products, it is possible to come to the conclusion about the existence of the common direct interconnection between the groups of indices, which show itself with the 4-year log, that depends on the peculiarities of the innovation activity.

The prospect of the further research in this direction is discovery the interconnection between the innovation activity of the enterprises and their areal value indices. 

innovation activity, indices of innovation activity, innovation activity, indices of value, regress model

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