Mechanism of the industrial enterprises marketing communication synthesized effect formation

Ya.O. Tymokhina
73 - 79
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The aim of the article. The main purpose of the article is to propose mechanism of the industrial enterprises marketing communication (MC) synthesized effect formation. An indispensable component of MC mechanism synthesized effect of industrial enterprise is the legislation that governs use of synthesized marketing communications and obtaines synthesized effect from using them. It can be divided into three groups: legislation that regulates entrepreneurial activities, legislation governing communication activities, legislation governing innovation activities. Legislation of Ukraine regulating communication activities needs to be clarified in regulation of using the latest MC tools, features of their combination, rules of their using and order of action in violation case of applicable law.

The results of the analysis. Any economic activity of enterprises governed by principles that are divided into general and specific by the level of coverage. The proposed set of formation principles of synthesized effect are principles of systematic using that focus on the result and periodicity which refer to general. Within the principle of periodicity it should consider principles that characterize each level of management that are such principles as using synthesis, using synergy and complexity.

Functions of synthesized effect that are subject to general principles of economic analysis are: searching, score, analysis and accounting. Essence of specific features of MC synthesized effect consists the following positions: planning function, integration function, communicative function, synthesis implementation function.

Mechanism formation MC synthesized effect of industrial enterprise is a set of systems that are used in process of its creation by management levels that reflects subject-object relationship between these systems.

Input elements system form factors of external and internal environment, information about which enterprise collects through market research. Subjects of communication activities at the level of control and manageable subsystems analyze information that forms the basis for creation synthesized promotion complex of enterprise`s products by management levels. Subordinates and users via MC synthesized by types, which are resultant at each level of management, gets results of communication activities at the end of promotion process that is synthesized effect.

Using of dual system of synthesis advisable not only with concurrence MC types by management levels, but during creating subsystems of formation synthesized effect mechanism. Thus, providing subsystem combines common functions of economic analysis and specific functions of synergistic effect as part of communication analysis. Separation of control system for users and subordinates creates additional connection to control system, improving the information movement within the enterprise.

Conclusions and directions of futher researches. The contrast to synergistic effect that allows obtaining an increase of effect through existing MC interaction synthesized effect arises from synthes of various promoting tools combined features of which can create synergy effect growth. Using the synthesized marketing communications by types allows clearly integrate promoting toolkit accordance with management level at which they will be resultant.

Subject of future research is the development of economic component of mechanism formation MC synthesized effect of industrial enterprises. Results of research can be used for further researches and in practice of industrial enterprises.

synthesized marketing communications, synthesized effect, principles, functions, mechanism, industrial enterprise

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