Future development of focus group method in marketing system

Yu.M. Melnyk, D.V. Fomenko
55 - 61
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The aim of the article. The article investigates the prospects of development of the focus groups method in the contemporary economy, discussed the theoretical background and features of the this method, identified the new properties and scope of implementation, justified the possibility of focus groups method using as a tool of indirect communication. 

The results of the analysis. We offer to look at the focus group - a qualitative method of marketing research as a specific tool of marketing communications. What can be used in situations where a certain organization or a product have a negative image and consumers were not much familiar with its functions and features. And then during the focus group using such techniques as personalization, role play and hypothetical scenarios that make the respondent feel the full seriousness of the situation and cause vivid emotions during work . Thus this understanding will remain in the memory of the participant for a long period. And good emotions and memories is always a pleasure to share with your loved ones.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. After analysis of the data, we concluded that the method of focus group research can be regarded as a specific tool of marketing communications. It is specific because of certain indications for use such as the need to improve the image of the company, informing consumers about the functions performed by the organization and rapid change of views on the enterprise from the point of view of consumers.

marketing, marketing research, method of focus group, focused interview, information, moderator

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