Application of the relationship marketing model in tourist firms

I. Sowier-Kasprzyk
48 - 54
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The aim of the article. The following paper presents the model of the relationship marketing in tourist services.

The results of the analysis. In the first part the theoretical basis knowledge (the elements and results) about relationship marketing have been presented. Apart from that the theory of strategic learning of that form of marketing and the essence of the loyalty programmes have been showed.

The second part has been devoted to the tourist services and their specialty. In the third part the model of the relationship marketing in tourism itself is presented. The model consists of the interactions between the tourism company and the closer and further environment. The main elements of the interaction system within the relationship marketing are the integrated elements of marketing which are communicated with the use of media to the receivers (customers).

In the relationship marketing, in the contrary to the traditional marketing, there is the use of the database which is the basis for the building of the loyalty programmes.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. The paper is concluded in refer to the tourist companies as far as the use of marketing instruments connected with implementing relationship marketing in the tourist company is concerned. 

relationship marketing, tourist firm, tourist services, loyalty programm, segmentation

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