Peculiarities of point-of-sale advertising in the retail sphere

A.S. Teletov, N.N. Haityna, T.V. Kirichenko
29 - 47
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The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to analyze three types of retail (local market (bazaar), national retail chain and retail store); to classify the selected advertising media which is used in the market, in retail stores and national networks.

The results of the analysis. The necessity of distinction of advertising material manufacturers that are designed to promote the sale of particular product or brandm is distinguished. The basic promotional tools are analyzed.

It was found that the degree of diversity of the tools of advertising depends on the extent of the sale’s point and the assortment of goods. The most various advertising is used in national trade networks, less diverse – in retail stores, and least of all advertising media is presented at the market. As the small market traders and retail shops mainly serve as intermediaries between producers and consumers of products, they can use promotional materials manufacturers, which sell goods and their own promotional materials.

It is confirmed that the scientific novelty of the material is the author's approach to the classification of advertising materials that are used at the market (local market), and the need for differentiation of advertising material manufacturers that are designed to encourage consumers to purchase goods of a certain brand.

Typically, due to successful advertising (like the newspaper «Housekeeper» with promotion offers on food of the trade chain «Eco-Market») and merchandising (such as product placement in the checkout zone, for axample, chewing gum, chocolate snack) consumer buys more greater than anticipated. It is easy to confirm that known percentage of such additional purchase is of 50% in average.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. Further research will include the investigation of the effect of different types of advertising media on the target audience and how product manufacturers can optimize their advertising tools for retail stores and trade marketplace.

trade chain, types of goods distribution, point-of-sale advertising, retail stores advertising, trade networks advertising, market advertising

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