Conceptual model of an automated information system of marketing at the enterprise

D.V. Raiko, L.E. Lebedeva
142 - 153
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The aim of the article. The purpose of this paper is to create a conceptual model of an automated information system of marketing that has a certain theoretical and practical value.

The results of the analysis. The main advantage of this model - a comprehensive disclosure of the relationship of concepts such as automated information technology, marketing information system, automated information system that solve the problem of processing large volumes of data in a short period of time, providing continuous communication with partners and customers and makes it possible to react quickly to market changes, and this in turn contributes to the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets. Scientific novelty of this model is, firstly, the assertion that the information system is based on automated information technology presents an automated information the system. Secondly, the marketing information system is an integral part of information system, structural elements are responsible for the transformation of data from internal and external sources of information to information necessary for managers and specialists of marketing services. Thirdly, the most important component of ensuring the functioning of the marketing information system and information system is an automated information technology. Due to the fact that these systems consist of human resources, work within them organized with the help of workstations.

Conclusions and directions of further researches. Determined that this conceptual model provides a multi-variant calculations of rational decision-making, including real-time organization of complex accounting and economic analysis, and provides reliability and efficiency obtained and used in the management of information. The results of this model, testing the example of several industries, confirming its practical significance.

conceptual model, information system, automated information technology, marketing information system, marketing research

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