Editorial policy


“Marketing and Management of Innovations” is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal which covers important issues of marketing of innovations and innovative management.

Principles of accepting, reviewing and publishing process are declared in the Journal Editorial Policy. The basic standards of the Journal and criteria for articles are defined too.

The Editorial Policy is obligatory for execution by all members of the publishing process. Submitting materials by authors or its reviewing by reviewers means their automatic agreement with the stated standards.

It is necessary to contact the Editorial Board via e-mail  in case of questions, suggestions or complaints occurrence.


1. Open access to the Journal.

Full versions of articles are located on websites of the Journal, the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine and the Institutional Repository Sumy State University. Annotations and keywords are available on the website of the global database the Directory of Open Access Journals.


2. Materials accepting, reviewing and publishing process.

2.1. Acceptance of materials.

The manuscripts have to be conforming according to requirements of the Journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations”. Manuscripts are considered on conformity to those requirements by the Editor and can be returned to the author for changes. Authors are informed about manuscripts’ reception via e-mail.

2.2. The review process.

The Journal has a system of double-blind peer review. All articles are reviewed independently and in secret: reviewers receive encrypted articles; reviewers are anonymous for authors.

All materials are evaluated according to criteria set in paragraph 3.

The reviewer after materials review may make one of the following decisions:

  • Publish as is;
  • Publish with minor modifications;
  • Sending to reviewing again (if it is required significant changes);
  • Refuse (if a major rewrite is required. Author should be encouraged to resubmit rewritten paper);
  • Refuse without resubmission (if materials has fundamental flaws, contains plagiarism or does not match the subject of the Journal).

2.3. Acceptance of materials publishing and article publication.

The final decision about the submitted manuscripts is made by Editorial Board. The results of reviewing, comments and recommendations are sent to the author via e-mail. All articles are reviewed in a period no more than 2 months.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to literary text edition and reduction with preservation of author's style.

Submitted materials will not be returned and may not be published in other scientific journals.

Payment is made only after confirmation of acceptance of article publishing.

Authors of the article get only one copy of the journal (irrespective of the number of authors). Additional copies may be purchased in the Editorial Board if free copies are available.


3. Articles selection criterias.

Scientific journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations” accepts articles which were not published in any other journals and has not been submitted for consideration to any other journals. Those articles have to cover the original results of research in marketing of innovations and innovations in marketing, innovative management, innovative development, ecological marketing and management.

Languages of publications are Ukrainian, Russian and English. Accordance to the importance of globalization processes in the world science, we support and encourage articles from abroad authors and articles written in English (but high-quality and professional).

The main criteria for articles selection are: originality, innovation, importance of results in the industry, theoretical basic and theoretical review of existing research and published materials, methodology, literacy, conformity of the material to requirements of the Journal.


4. The attitude to ethics principles.

The Editorial Board of scientific journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations” does not accept materials which contain offensive statements, national, religious, racial and other types of aggression or discrimination. Materials which can cause ethnic and racial enmity, violate international law and legislation are not desirable.

The Editorial Board is not responsible for the views, opinions, results and conclusions of the authors of articles and published in the journal. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board. The authors have responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the articles, accuracy of names and quotes.


There is the increase of numbers of plagiarism cases in domestic and international science recent years (an author copying a substantial part of another’s work without acknowledgement or references, fraudulent research etc). The Editorial Board considers articles’ ethics monitoring as one of main aspects in review process. Also the Editorial Board encourages everyone who wants to help and is interested in fighting and avoiding plagiarism. Each message, comment or suggestion will be considered.

In cases of plagiarism detection authors of the materials are responsible.


5. Licence conditions.

If an article is accepted for publication in the Journal “Marketing and Management of Innovations” the author must sign the agreement on the transfer of copyright. More information about the agreement can be found in the special section.


6. Changes and additions to the Editorial Policy.

The Editorial Board can make changes and additions to the Editorial Policy to improve process of materials’ publication.